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The Sportzone Matrix Software is developed to support student's PE education and sporting development within the school curriculum.

The development program features a central learning matrix at its core. Students are able to progress through the matrix at their own pace and undertake tasks at levels to suit their development in each modality.

 Students are coached in the Gym. Activities are clearly laid out for each student around the Gym and in their own dashboard in the software.

Students have the opportunity to review the activities through best practice video's with step by step instructions.

 Students will video themselves and each other, in order to review their progress.


 When they are ready, students will upload the activity of their video through their login, from the software.

Uploaded videos will be accessed via the teachers/coaching staff only.


 A 'Teacher's' view will show the Student's videos which await approval, their matrix view with activities which have been approved, and the award achievements the students have gained.

Teachers are required to view the activity video and either approve or decline. The teachers is also able to make notes back to the student, which will be supported and will offer additional review and training.

When a video is reviewed, the student's login will be updated. This will be predominaty viewed from the matrix. 'Thumbs up' is a video passed, 'Circle arrows' is a video in review.

 Recognition Awards play an important role in the system. Awards are given for achievements which recognise achivement as opposed to position in the matrix of activities. For eample a student may be awarded a decal for being an innovator, for being a team player or a motivator.

Adaptation to other Sports

The system is very suitable for adaption to other sports which are taught in a school environment, where there is a clear tiered learning matrix.

Tasks in the matrix can be adapted to the specific of the sport. There is no restriction on categories, and further sub categories.

The system has a back end Content Management System that allows customisation of activities and awards and skills matrix.

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