The WRU Game Locker is an online centre of resources for coaches, referees and players, where they can view information and resources, and watch videos to help improve their game.

The website was in need of a serious revamp, with many years having passed since its original creation, with an unresponsive and outdated design. The WRU wanted a new fresh design, focussing on the visual content of videos and having an updated modern feel in line with their brand guidelines.

The new design gives greater prominence to videos and resources, giving the site more of a video player feel, with additional features available to users such as the ability to create and share playlists with others.  There was also greater focus on “personalisation” throughout the site, with different content displaying to different users. As well as dividing content based on tags and categories that can be easily managed in the backend, users can also easily update their own profile and get video and resource recommendations based on customisable interests.

The website also allows users to view and book courses in order to gain extra qualifications for their profile, which they can keep track of in a CV type format on their profiles.

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