"Interrogator" is our custom built system designed for use with Welsh Water and any other Utilities customers. 

In a nutshell our work with Welsh Water consists of collating their CCTV data after they have surveyed their pipework and storing it.

The "Interrogator" system supports Dwr Cymru Welsh Water in the viewing of video and data through the viewing interface. It also provides the facility for DCWW operatives, designers and planners to create studies, study templates and reports through the viewing interface with multi parameter searches.

"Interrogator" provides a robust validation engine to ensure that all data appended to the main database conforms to the industry standard specification.

Bespoke reporting is another major aspect of our system and service provision.  Many bespoke reports are created. For example to support planning and asset management. The system is also used for reporting to OFWAT in respect of CCTV data returns.

We provide the hosting SLA from our own data centre in West Wales.

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