Working in partnership since 2005, we have designed and developed a modular, web-based administration system for the Welsh Rugby Union. The overall product comprises of various modules which work together to provide the WRU with the ultimate coaching and management tool. 

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WRU Club Websites

WRU Club Websites

We provide every community rugby club throughout Wales with their own designated club website which is also easy for them to manage and maintain. There is one back end system which powers all the club sites. The sites have been developed with using Umbraco CMS and .net development. Each site follows a template and there are 3 template options currently which are set up to cater for that particular clubs need. Additionally, each of the sites incorporates that particular clubs colours in order to give it some unique branding. 

The system is integrated with the WRU admin system where relevant. For example on sign up request to access this template website facility, clubs will be validated against WRU admin. Additionally, numerous areas of the club websites feed through to other WRU platforms such as WRU Admin. For example:

  • Fixtures and Results
  • League Tables
  • Players
  • Teams

Another key role for the club websites is to allow club administrators to add fixtures for their teams. The official league fixtures for senior and youth team example are fed through from WRU Admin, however for the rest of the age grades or any friendly fixtures the club website is the platform by which they input these. All of these fixtures are integrated into other WRU platforms. 

The sites allow for clubs to create their own content, news items and also create their own image and video galleries.

WRU Referees App

This is a designated Native App which allows referees to input results and red card reports for fixtures they have been involved in. THis native app for mobile phone devices is available on iOS and Android via Apple store and Google Play.  It is listed under the WRU account on each app store.

The App allows referees to input the results and reports for whichever fixture they are due to be refereeing at that date/time. The functionality is based on what was available to referees under their login on the My WRU system. Likewise, on the app, users have a specific login (the credentials they already had on MyWRU) to which they use to view and input their data. All of the fixtures and details that are shown for that user are fed from the details/allocations that have been set up on WRU Admin.

The current options that are available to referees on the app are “Add Match Result” and “Submit Referee Report (red cards)” (More are to be added in the future).

Once the user clicks “Submit” on a fixture result or a a report it will then feed through to WRU Admin. The results that get submitted by a referee through the app are taken as the final result for that fixture and that result then gets fed to the site, where this is used to calculate the league tables and show the results.

Additionally, email and myMail messages are sent out when reports are submitted through the app to notify the club secretaries at the appropriate club as well as the designated administrators at the WRU. 

WRU Stream

The WRU Stream system is a video analysis tool used by the WRU to conduct match analysis at all levels of the professional game, from Premiership Clubs, Regional Academies to schools and colleges.

WRU Stream is an online platform by which club analysts can upload their sports code file and import their project onto an online interface. This then imports their timeline and they are able to associate tags and view the comprehensive tagging matrix showing instances of those events during the game as well as track individual performances.

Users are able to create playlists within the system from instances within the game and then distribute them for their players to view.


A web based communication portal between WRU and the Clubs.  This facilitates the passing of all assets and resources between WRU, Club Officials (i.e. Club Secretaries), Regional Development Offices, Schools, etc.

MyWRU is the public facing site which is used by a number of different users who have different rugby specific roles, which contribute to the administration of the game for the WRU. This website plays a pivotal role in ensuring the fundamental procedures for the running of the day in day out rugby in Wales goes smoothly. 

  • Club Auditor - MyWRU is the system Club Auditors use to populate and complete their audit for each season in order to obtain their grant funding from the WRU.
  • Club Secretaries - Packed with helpful features to help with the everyday running of rugby clubs.
  • Team Managers - Enter teamsheets and log fixture scorers for fixtures their club has been involved in.
  • Referees - Input match results, teamsheets and discipline reports for fixtures.
  • Club Coaching Co-Ordinators - Each club has a co-ordinate with the system providing a platform to manage all of their coaches.
  • All users also have their own profile which they can edit and view their personal details.

WRU Intranet

The WRU staff intranet is used as a resource for all WRU staff members  to access resources, news, events, share information and important notices.  Each member of staff has a unique login to the website. The site includes a database of all co-workers, with their role and contact details, which acts as a tool whereby they can contact colleagues in their own or other departments. The site has a live feed incorporated into it, which displays all of the upcoming events and news items. 

This is an Umbraco website and designated WRU administrators have access and logins to the content management system where they can administer new content onto the site.


RPMS (Rugby Performance Management System) is the system by which the WRU administers and monitors medical data for players. It is a vital system which the WRU use to log medical data which can then be used for insurance purposes. Currently it is used for the professional/elite level, and records the data for the National teams (Wales 1st team, Wales Women’s, Sevens and Age Grade teams), the regional teams (including academies) and the Premiership clubs.

  • Providing a dashboard of players with an overview of all injury and selection status, with in-depth detail of players' medical records and performance notes.
  • Create reports to match up with specific squad requirements
  • Used by Premiership Clubs to enter teamsheets and results for fixtures.
  • Built-in Email notification, matched up to users and sent once specific actions have been completed.
WRU Game Locker

WRU Game Locker

The WRU Game Locker is an online centre of resources for coaches, referees and players, where they can view information and resources, and watch videos to help improve their game.

The new design gives greater prominence to videos and resources, giving the site more of a video player feel, with additional features available to users such as the ability to create and share playlists with others.  There was also greater focus on “personalisation” throughout the site, with different content displaying to different users. As well as dividing content based on tags and categories that can be easily managed in the backend, users can also easily update their own profile and get video and resource recommendations based on customisable interests.

The website also allows users to view and book courses in order to gain extra qualifications for their profile, which they can keep track of in a CV type format on their profiles.

The Game Locker also houses the self registration system, which all players, coaches, referees, team managers and first aiders use to self register to the WRU each year.

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