Working in partnership since 2005, we have designed and developed a modular, web-based administration system for the Welsh Rugby Union. The overall product comprises of various modules which work together to provide the WRU with the ultimate coaching and management tool. 

A Rugby Administration System:

This manages all aspects of the administration in rugby, for example the generation of leads, fixtures, allocation of referees, the management of disciplinary issues and transferring and permits of players.


A web based communication portal between WRU and the Clubs.  This facilitates the passing of all assets and resources between WRU, Club Officials (i.e. Club Secretaries), Regional Development Offices, Schools, etc.

Coaching System:

This includes the ability to set up courses, apply for facilities and coaching resources, manage availability etc. It also includes a public facing procurement system for courses sign up.

Club Templates:

Club Templates is a project whereby every rugby club in Wales has the opportunity to have their own dedicated website.  By signing up for the Template system the Club Admin can choose a template, a colour and then upload their club logo and from there, populate content such as news articles, galleries and club history etc. 

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