Your business doesn't need to stop at the desktop.

Whether it's to support your fancy new website or if it's a stand-alone web app we can design every kind of app for every kind of platform. From the initial concept through to registering with ITunes or the app store we will take you through everything.

To name a few, we have designed apps providing the following: ticket sales at some of Wales' largest tourist attractions, guidance and feedback for foodies, routes and information along the way for guided walks, historical guidbooks, in-the moment event reviewing including uploading of YouTube feeds and so many more. 

Think real-time data, user generated content (pictures, videos and reviews) and editor controled content (a historical guidebook). By using Umbraco as the Content Management System maintaining your app is easy and effective.

Be it sports, leisure, tourism or industrial, we can help you deliver the best app possible. 

Native or web app?

Before creating any app you are confronted by the choice of making:

  • A 'native' app - one that is developed specifically for each device to make use of everything the platform has to offer.
  • A 'web app' - an app built using the latest web technologies like HTML5 that will run across all platforms but at the sacrifice of some hardware features.

We can guide you through this decision and create the app that best suits your needs.

How can this help me?

Apps are big business with tens of billions having been downloaded across all platforms. Apps have become the hottest frontier of the digital age, why not become a part of it?

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