Snooker Quotients is Snooker’s first ever global, data-backed, skills-based handicap system. Players can register and compare their snooker skills accurately with others from all over the world.

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The system allows users to gain access to proven training methods used by elite players to deliver world-class results, alongside remote, affordable coaching and feedback from top coaches. Snooker Quotients allows users to track their improvement over time and us SQ data to reach their full potential.

The SQ website has been developed by former World Champion and grand slam winner, Terry Griffiths, OBE, in conjunction with work developed and carried out by Hong Kong Head Coach, Wayne Griffiths. Wayne is Terry’s eldest son and he has been the Billiard Sports Head Coach at the Hong Kong Institute of Spot for more than 10 years.

Snooker Quotients would require both a front-facing website and a member only web system, as well as a mobile app to act as a companion where users could upload videos and keep track of their scores and submissions.

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The front-facing website was built using Umbraco CMS, with flexibility over a number of components helping showcase their services such as banners, galleries and carousels. This section of the website would have all the important information about Snooker Quotients to entice viewers to register for the system.

The members only and admin areas of the system would include additional pages and resources for paid users. A major part of this area is the Leaderboards section which allows users to compare their scores with other users across the world using the various data from their SQ profiles.

The App allows users to record and upload videos of their attempt at the different SQ drills, which would then be connected to their profiles.

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